Welcome to Couples Oasis Society

Couples Oasis Society is sure you both are very excited about your new adventure so we will keep the process quick and easy for both of you.

To join you must be a couple.
Please call us at 702-617-8033 when both parts of the couple are available to complete a quick phone interview.

The membership application will be completed when you arrive at an event.

If you decide to attend an event there will be a small donation. We ask for donations to help defray the costs of putting on the parties.

Membership Activation Fee : $35 (annual fee per couple)


Couples …………………$45.00 entire weekend (Friday and Saturday) $20 (Tuesdays)
Sponsored Males ……..$50.00 each night
Sponsored Females….. $10.00 each night

More parties will be posted at the beginning of summer

Special Events

From time to time we have Special Events or Special Parties. These events or parties are typically elaborate and have many couples attend. The donations for these parties are different than the normal parties that we have every weekend. We announce the donations for these parties in the Events calendar and throughout the web site, with options to reserve your place at the party via the web site as well.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at info@couplesoasis.com or give us a call at  702-617-8033


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